At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.- Jodi Rell

GLH security services provides a range of professional security services with a number of options to garb our client’s needs, we do this so that they can focus on their core business hence meet their primary objectives.


Our proficient, devoted and fully licensed squad are ready to understand your exclusive security requirements. This understanding strengthens everything we do, as we believe in putting our clients and employees first. We are also extremely dedicated to providing a service of the uppermost possible excellence. We are fully accredited to the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard.

We understand that accreditations and audit scores only paint some of the picture and believe our workforce are what really set us apart, we employ some of the most capable and proficient managers, supervisors and security personnel in the business. We back this up by providing industry prominent training and support for all of our workforce and use this commitment to workforce training to add value to our personnel.

In service throughout South Africa, we continually strive to progress our services. We are always looking for new opportunities and ways in which we can add value to our business and create better solutions by combining the best security personnel with the market’s best technology, backing this up with industry leading support and management.

We are GLH Security Services.


We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver excellent manned guarding services. We put our workforce first so that they put our customers first. We understand that manned guarding covers a really comprehensive range of services, so below are the solutions that we can currently provide for our clients –
  • Security Officers, Supervisors and Managers
  • Front of House
  • Reception / Concierge
  • Retail Security Officers
  • Shopping Centre Security
  • Residential Security
  • Events Security
  • Educational Establishment Security

The manned guarding business is continuously growing, and we are hard-pressed each year to provide more worth for money for our clients, whilst determined to provide a stimulating and gratifying environment for our employees. We really understand why our security services are so critical to the day-to-day operation of your business, but we also understand their longer term strategic importance.

Our manned guarding service is available throughout South Africa: just contact GLH Security today and we will begin to design your own services and requirements.


Event Security is a requirement which, due to way we operate, we are perfectly equipped to handle. Our event and crowd control services will ensure your event is as safe as possible, ensuring strict compliance with your legal obligations.

If you are planning a large event, you are legally required to ensure the safety of visiting crowds. This includes organising and implementing security measures, such as crowd control and stewarding. We specialise in security services such as these at GLH Security, and can provide a wealth of expertise in all event safety laws and can remove the burden of crowd management from the event organiser.

We offer specialist event security plans, working closely with you and tailoring our security solutions to your specific needs. Legal obligations are vital to adhere to when running a large-scale event and our fully screened and vetted security guards will run the event in accordance with these.

Large-scale events vary from concerts and festivals to sporting events and agricultural shows, and our crowd control services are perfect for all. We promise optimum safety levels for staff and visitors and supply a range of security equipment, including crowd barriers, temporary fencing and cable ramps, as well as highly trained stewards and security guards.

Whatever the event we can help, so please simply get in touch with our team of professionals at GLH Security Services today for more information.


Retail properties are continually an easy target for intruders and opportunists, and criminal operating methods are becoming more and more sophisticated with the ability to overcome/disable traditional detection systems. Our security solutions are tailored to protect your stores and their stock and assets from these threats.

Here at GLH Security, we understand that retail environments are often primary targets and are vulnerable to security threats. As a result, we offer services such as the provision of security guards and monitoring devices which are highly effective methods of keeping your retail environment safe and secure.

Our staff will keep your employees and customers safe – as well as putting measures in place to protect your property and assets as far as is possible.

We provide both static and mobile retail security guards, as well as professional and discreet store detectives, and have specialist training in dealing with retail security threats.

Get in touch with the experts at GLH Security Services who will advise you. We operate nationwide, so can offer a solution wherever you are.

Our security is your peace of mind.

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We love to listen and we are eagerly waiting to talk to you regarding your project. Get in touch with us if you have any queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible.