GLH is a multi-disciplinary environmental consultancy firm committed to our ecological, financial and social responsibilities, working together collaboratively with our partners to find innovative solutions that work and remembering that underneath it all, we’re human beings working with other human beings to make a difference both locally and globally.We assure that our clients receive value-added services, credible results and effective solutions.

Our services are used to create a sustainable built and natural environment that protects the water we drink, the air we breathe and the earth in which we live. Our multi-disciplinary approach and application of innovative and environmentally sound solutions enables any size and type of organization, both locally and globally, to accomplish their project objectives or resolve their environmental issues effectively and efficiently.

GLH’s ability to provide a diverse range of professional, technical and management solutions greatly enhances the resources and technical capabilities available to our clients. Our staff maintains a personal and professional aptitude that allows us to work effectively with clients ranging from homeowners, government agencies to private corporations. We help them complete their project objectives within a timeline and budget that is to their satisfaction and that fits within a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable framework. Our in-depth understanding of the relationships and dynamics between the built and natural environment allows us to create workable solutions with real results.

We continue in pursuit of excellence and in building our reputation as a highly-trusted and leading-edge multi-disciplinary environmental consulting firm that offers specialized technical expertise and integrated solutions which are both innovative and practical.


GLH is a multi-disciplinary environmental consulting company providing professional services to the built and natural environments in the following core service areas: Waste Management, Environmental Services, Health and Safety, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Sustainability Training, Climate Change, Environmental Remediation, and Water Resources.

We understand that each project undertaken requires a unique integrated approach and attention to project details to ensure that client’s needs are not only met, but also exceeded.


  • Waste management assessment
  • Waste removal, transportation and safe disposal
  • Waste management awareness workshops
  • Waste minimization or avoidance projects
  • General business consulting on waste management related aspects such as compliance audits with strategic partners
  • Onsite waste management
  • Spill management
  • Plant cleaning services
  • Training - safety and environmental issues


  • Environmental Policy Development
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (BAR, EMPr, EIAR)
  • Public Participation and Community Appraisals
  • Risk Assessments
  • Waste Management
  • Pollution Monitoring & Control
  • Ecological Impact Assessments
  • Environmental Audits
  • Heritage Impact Assessments
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Waste Management Systems/Plans & Waste Audits
  • Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems Applications
  • Water License Applications
  • Prospecting & Mining Permit Applications
  • Waste License Applications


  • Monitoring and Regulation of activities
  • Drafting specifications and enforced compliance
  • Audit client’s safety management systems
  • Conducting site inspections
  • ISO standards interpretation and application
  • Site specific Safety files compiling
  • Providing training of personnel in hazard management techniques
  • Develop hazard management/risk assessment policies and procedures relevant to the client’s needs
  • Define, interrogate and determine strengths and priorities for clients with respect to their safety management system (development of policies, procedures, flowcharts, safety  planning, system development)
  • Conduct incident investigations including investigation of fatalities and facilitate hazard ID workshops, risk assessment and hazard management for our clients
  • Provision of competent and experienced Safety Officer at a reasonable cost to sites
  • Provision of Personal Protective Clothing, fire Extinguishers and other related Safety equipment and needs. Safety Training


  • Data collection and capturing service
  • Geo-database maintenance
  • Digitizing/Vectorisation/Attributing Databases
  • Geo-referencing
  • GIS Data Management
  • GIS Data Audits
  • GIS setup and design
  • Map Production
  • General Vector and Raster Manipulation
  • GIS User Requirement Analysis
  • GIS Analysis (Spatial Analysis, Projection and Co-ordinate System Analysis)
  • GIS Training


  • Sustainability Business Networking
  • Sustainability Events Management
  • Environmental Policy Development
  • Environmental Advocacy
  • Environmental Training
  • Workshop Facilitation.


  • Calculating Carbon Footprint
  • Calculating Carbon credits
  • Air Quality Management
  • Climate Change Advocacy & Communication


  • Indoor air monitoring programs
  • Water pump and treat systems
  • Soil vapour extraction systems
  • Groundwater and surface water sampling programs
  • Stakeholder engagement and public consultation
  • Remedial project management
  • Specialized Communications


  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Surface water and sediment assessments
  • Wastewater discharge monitoring
  • Drinking Water Quality Management Systems
  • Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Stream Restoration
  • Storm water Management
  • Wetland assessments and evaluations
  • Aquatic habitat assessments
  • Industrial water audits
  • Water conservation

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